Super 8 film/DV, 12mins, Pal,Hong Kong
Screening format: DVcam/DV

A diary film on my travelling experience on train, travel from outer landscape to innermost emotions. 


  •  Mobile +: Moving Images Exhibition, Hong Kong, Feb-April 2015
  •  The Lab: Anson Mak’s Works 1991-2004, a solo programme, organized by Hong Kong Arts Centre, Hong Kong, Jan 2005
  •   Kyoto Seika University, VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo Japan, May 2005
  •  Selasar Sunaryo art space, Bandung, Indonesia, Oct 2004
  •  Seoul Forum Media & Art (SEFOMA), Seoul Korea, Feb 2004
  •  Ehwa Media Art Festival (EMAF), Seoul Korea, May 2004
  •  Asian Video Art Conference, by VIDEOART CENTER Tokyo, Japan, Dec 2003