Sonic Meditation Exercise III


Early White,
1A space, Cattle Deport, Hong Kong, June 2015

想著,關於老去,其實是關於時間,和我們因為這個身體的限制而生的各種恐懼,最終的恐懼,就是死亡,但死亡作為圓圈中的一點, 從來都不是結束。 開始是結束是開始。也許,我們在圈的中心,就不需要再兜圈了。跟著沙圈行著,我們經驗自己的身體和時間,從聽到自己身體和動作的聲音,到起千萬念頭的集體 的記憶的聲音,我們重新經驗個人的時間(所以身體)。

Regarding aging, the notion of time and the fear resulting from the limitation of corporeality is the key of concern. The ultimate fear, seems to be death. Yet, death as a point and a process ina circle is never an end point. The beginning is the end is the beginning. Perhaps, when centered at a circle, we don’t need to circle anymore. Following the traces of sand walking in a circle, we experience our bodies and time by being aware of our own movements because of its sound. Together with the sonic experience inducing millions of thoughts from collective memories, we re-visit personal time, and so the bodies.